Best IGCSE / Cambridge schools in Kashibari - Darjeeling

Best IGCSE / Cambridge schools in Kashibari - Darjeeling

Find below the list of top IGCSE / Cambridge schools in Kashibari - Darjeeling with phone number, address, 360° School tours, 2018-19 Admission forms & Fees, photos, facilities & more.

IGCSE Kashibari

Find below the list of best IGCSE / Cambridge schools in Kashibari - Darjeeling
Campion International School - cover

Campion International School

Campion International School is an undertaking of the Campion Educational & Welfare Foundation, registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961. Campion International School is affiliated to the University of Cambridge International Examinations, UCIE and registered as a Cambridge International Centre since 2006.
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More about best IGCSE / Cambridge schools in Kashibari - Darjeeling
Darjeeling has many British-style public and private schools, which managed to attract pupils from all over India and also from few neighboring countries. Darjeeling is known not only for being one of the most visited hill station of India but also for top schools in Darjeeling. The list of schools in Darjeeling will include the best boarding schools of this hill stations known for offering the finest education along with the facilities for extracurricular activities for the overall growth of the students.
You and your child deserve to be looking only at the top IGCSE / Cambridge schools in Kashibari - Darjeeling. We at Sqoolz, have created an all-encompassing list of best IGCSE / Cambridge schools in Kashibari - Darjeeling so that you can pick the one that is most suitable for your needs. Is the location viable? Is the school big enough? What additional facilities do they provide? Find answers to all the important questions with us. You can even take our virtual tour and see for yourself whether or not the school fits your child's needs.