Best schools in Bannerghatta - Bangalore

Best schools in Bannerghatta - Bangalore

Find below the list of top schools in Bannerghatta - Bangalore with phone number, address, 360° School tours, 2018-19 Admission forms & Fees, photos, facilities & more.


Find below the list of best schools in Bannerghatta - Bangalore

The Samhita Academy - cover

The Samhita Academy

The Samhita Way of Learning is premised on research-based progressive education. An approach fine-tuned through experience and learnings. Learning is not a passive activity and learner is not the passive recipient of 'knowledge' which is poured in and reproduced. Thinking is at the center of learning. The Samhita way recognizes the fundamental principle of providing the child with the right and relevant stimuli and experiences. The Samhita Way recognizes that both Learning and Teaching are intricately linked. Teaching is matched to what is known about the process of learning in children. The goal of the teacher is to create an environment through robust instructional methods where reasoning and critical thinking become a child's most empowering faculties. The Samhita Way gives students a caring, creative and enriched learning environment.
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More about best schools in Bannerghatta - Bangalore
Bangalore, being the Garden city of Karnataka managed to establish itself as a home to many best schools in Bangalore and playing responsible role in making contribution towards the development of many skills in the students. The top schools in Bangalore are directly affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) of New Delhi. You can go through the List of best schools in Bangalore and check the reviews of the parents and other important features before admitting the students in any school.
Choosing the right school for your child is a process which requires plenty of analysis. Just knowing the names of the top schools in Bannerghatta - Bangalore is not enough. You need to know about the location, fees, admission procedure and other details. That is why Sqoolz brings you a definitive list of best schools in Bannerghatta - Bangalore. With our brilliant virtual tour feature you can get to know visually about all the schools before entrusting your children with them.