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Soundarya Central School - Cbse School, 3rd Cross Rd, prakruthi Layout, Soundarya Layout, Sidedahalli, Karnataka 560073
JalahalliSoundarya Central School - Cbse School, 3rd Cross Rd, prakruthi Layout, Soundarya Layout, Sidedahalli, Karnataka 560073BangaloreIndia

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Soundarya Higher Primary School had established its roots in the year 1992. Today it boasts of being one of the best educational institutions in this area nurturing and molding the young minds and talents. The school believes in waking the young minds to think: “ who they are and where they are going” The Soundaryans strive in an environment that fosters along with academic achievements, personal growth, and development assisted by a team of well qualified and devoted faculty members with the resources that assist on their journey to become a matured whole person. Adding in this journey are the multitude of opportunities for direct student involvement in various activities both inside and outside the classroom ensuring that the students will not find themselves waiting for the means to reach their academic personal and professional goals.



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School Schedule

Shift 1
monday08:30 AMto 04:30 PM
tuesday08:30 AMto 04:30 PM
wednesday08:30 AMto 04:30 PM
thursday08:30 AMto 04:30 PM
friday08:30 AMto 04:30 PM

Admission details for Soundarya Central School


    • Parents have to fill up the prescribed application form and register the same in the school office before the last date.
    • Eligible Age: 2 years 6 months as on June of the Academic Year. For subsequent classes the eligible age would be reckoned again with reference to 01 June with proportionate increase.
    • Age Proof: Certificate of birth issued by competent authority for Grades Montessori to Grade 1.
    • Grade 2 and above TC from the previous school duty counter signed by the competent authority such as Block Education Officer or any other authorized authority.
    • Documents to be submitted at the time of registration. Attested copy of Birth Certificate for Grades Montessori to Grade 1.
      • Attested copy of SC, ST, OBC certificate in case of SC/ST/OBC Students.
      • Attested copy of TC from the previous school for the Grade 2 and above.
      • Proof for Residential Address:[Any one document]
      • Passport of the parent
      • Aadhaar card of the parent
      • Telephone bill
      • Driving License of the parent
      • Copy of the Rent Agreement


Fee Range

Fee range is from Rs. 50000 to Rs. 125000

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