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Shri Vaishnav Academy, 177 Jawahar Marg, south Rajmohalla, indore
RajmohallaShri Vaishnav Academy, 177 Jawahar Marg, south Rajmohalla, indoreIndoreIndia

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School Description

Shri Vaishnav Academy, Indore has a glorious legacy of educational development behind it. Shri Vaishnav Educational and Charitable Trust, Indore laid down the foundation stone for the development and expansion of education by inaugurating a boys school named Shri Vaishnav Academy by a renowed educationist, Late Mrs. Shalinitai Moghe with the motto of overall development of the children. The torch bearers of Shri Vaishnav Trust and core team of Shri Vaishnav Academy Managing Committee i.e. Shri Babulalji Baheti (President), Shri Rajkumarji Muchhal (Vice President), Shri Purushottamdas Pasari (Secretary), Shri Girdhargopalji Nagar (Treasurer) established this institute in the heart of the city with a strength of 225 students from classes VI to IX which has now sprouted up to 3550 students from the classes Nursery to XII, due to their copious efforts.



Class Range:

School Schedule
07:00 AM to 01:00 PM

Shift 1
monday07:00 AMto 01:00 PM
tuesday07:00 AMto 01:00 PM
wednesday07:00 AMto 01:00 PM
thursday07:00 AMto 01:00 PM
friday07:00 AMto 01:00 PM
saturday07:00 AMto 01:00 PM

Shift 2
monday09:00 AMto 03:00 PM
tuesday09:00 AMto 03:00 PM
wednesday09:00 AMto 03:00 PM
thursday09:00 AMto 03:00 PM
friday09:00 AMto 03:00 PM
saturday09:00 AMto 03:00 PM

Shift 3
monday12:00 PMto 04:30 PM
tuesday12:00 PMto 04:30 PM
wednesday12:00 PMto 04:30 PM
thursday12:00 PMto 04:30 PM
friday12:00 PMto 04:30 PM

Admission details for Shri Vaishnav Academy


    Student shall be admitted to classes from Nursery onwards (Except Board Classes) on merit basis only. The Principal may consider parent’s request for admitting their wards in another classes on special grounds. Parents desire of seeking admission for their wards may fill-in the prescribed form available in the office on payment of fixed charge. The list of selected students for admission is displayed on the notice board of the Academy on the day and date communicated to the parents after the assessment of the corresponding category to which admission is sought.

    The application form must be submitted in the office, and it should accompany documentary   evidence of age in lower classes and for higher classes duly countersigned school leaving certificate.

    Norms of class-age relationship- Nursery 2.5 to 3 years KG I, 3.5 to 4 years KG II, 4.5 to 5 years.

    A student seeking admission to the school from another state should get the SLC (School Leaving Certificate)  duly countersigned by the Education Officer of the State.

    A student coming from CBSE affiliated school to this Academy for admission must also get his SLC duly countersigned by the Regional Office of that State.

    Documents required for admission are never returned for any reason.

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