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Saint Mary's and Jesus School

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No. 327, Block-a, Bangur Avenue , Kolkata
Dum DumNo. 327, Block-a, Bangur Avenue , KolkataKolkataIndia

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School Description

"St. Mary’s & Jesus school has set its three-fold goal of imparting knowledge, character building and laying the foundations, for the all round development of its students. School is the place where the child can develop his/her personality both in curricular and extra curricular activities. All these activities are aimed at bringing to surface the latent qualities of the pupils and giving them opportunities for the development thereafter. The aim of our activities is individual attention to each student which is reinforced by regular meeting with parents to help their children develop their personalities According to this view education is the process of gradually filling up the empty mind of the child with grains of knowledge."



Class Range:

School Schedule
08:30 AM to 01:30 PM

Shift 1
monday08:30 AMto 01:30 PM
tuesday08:30 AMto 01:30 PM
wednesday08:30 AMto 01:30 PM
thursday08:30 AMto 01:30 PM
friday08:30 AMto 01:30 PM
saturday08:30 AMto 01:30 PM

Admission details for Saint Mary's and Jesus School


    Admission form for any of the section will be available in the school office itself. Parents need to collect it between the registration dates decided by the school authority. 

    Forms should be duly filled and submitted along with the required documents before the last date of submission. 

    Admission is done on the basis of Interviews and written test.

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