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Pratt Memorial School


  • Basic Information

  • When Archdeacon John Henry Pratt was alive, he was extremely interested in the education of the girl child. He gave instructions for the orphans living at the European Asylum opposite St James Church to attend classes at St James Boys School. In 1876, five years after his death in 1871, under the instructions of the Bishop of Calcutta, Bishop Milan, the girls were shifted to an old building on the church vicarage grounds. The church and the school shared the same address, 84 Lower Circular Road, Pargana side. The school was named in the memory of Archdeacon John Henry Pratt. In 1882, the Bishop of Calcutta, Bishop Milan invited the Clewer Sisters of the community of St John the Baptist, Clewer, England, to undertake the management of Pratt Memorial School.
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    Smart Classroom


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    Primary with Upper Primary, Secondary And Higher Secondary

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