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Nirmala Convent School Secondary

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Hadapsar Crc No. 33, Hadpasar, Pune: 411014
WagholiHadapsar Crc No. 33, Hadpasar, Pune: 411014PuneIndia

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Nirmala Convent School Secondary is located in Wagholi, Pune. It was established in 1999. This school follows the State board. The school has English medium.

State Board

State Board

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    1. Those who seek admission in this school will have to go through all the formalities prescribed by the school 2. Admission to a class is restricted by certain Government regulations and according to age, conduct and merit 3. Recommendation in any form will automatically invalidate the application for admission. 4. No admission is complete until the birth certificate is handed over to the school authorities. 5. A full months notice is to be given before the withdrawal of a student or else the fees for the entire month will be charged. Such notice should be given in writing by parent of the student. Those who leave in April must pay their fees for May. 6. There will be an entrance test at the time of new admission to satisfy their standard. The decision of the Principal will be final in matters regarding the tests and admission


    1. A Pupil Who Has Attended Any Recognized School Cannot Be Admitted Without A Leaving Certificate From The School He/she Has Last Attended.2. In The Case Of Students Coming From Schools Outside Maharashtra State, This Certificate Must Be Counter Signed By The Education Inspector Of The State From Which School He/she Comes.3. A Student Who Has Attended Any School Or Who Comes From A Private School Must Produce An Official Birth Certificate From The Municipality And Eligibility Certificate From The Department.

Fee Range

Fee range is from Rs. 10000 to Rs. 50000

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