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Maxwell Public School, 9th Main Rd, Hrbr Layout 1st Block, Balaji Layout, Subbaiahnapalya, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043
Hbr LayoutMaxwell Public School, 9th Main Rd, Hrbr Layout 1st Block, Balaji Layout, Subbaiahnapalya, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043BangaloreIndia

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School Description

Maxwell Public School was started in the year 1992 to cater to the needs of the children in the surrounding areas. At Maxwell Public School, we strive for all-round development of our children by nurturing the individual talents and catering to the special needs of our children like dealing with stress, building self-image and overcoming fears. Our institution believes in molding every student into a good citizen, building into them qualities of integrity, leadership and personal charisma. Our Mission is to expose students to all kinds of challenging environment and help them overcome practical hurdles thus making them wholesome and fully intellectual citizens of this nation. We stress on promoting and facilitating the quality education of highest standards. To achieve this, the institution provides a strong infrastructure, full fledged laboratories, and a well-stacked library.

State Board

State Board

Class Range:



Class Range:

School Schedule
08:30 AM to 04:00 PM

Shift 1
monday08:30 AMto 04:00 PM
tuesday08:30 AMto 04:00 PM
wednesday08:30 AMto 04:00 PM
thursday08:30 AMto 04:00 PM
friday08:30 AMto 04:00 PM

Admission details for Maxwell Public School


    1. Registration for admission will be open for boys as well as girls, as per the procedure laid down for this purpose.
    2. School prospectus must be obtained from school office and the registration form in it should be duly filled in by the parents/ guardian and submitted to the school by the proposed date.
    3. Children must fulfill the minimum age requirement laid down by the School. By June 1st of the academic year for which the admission is being sought they must have reached the minimum age as shown below:

      Nursery    3 yrs.
      LKG         4 yrs.
      UKG         5 yrs.
      1st Std.   6 yrs

      …….and so on.

    4. Students will be admitted to their respective classes based on their proficiency and availability of vacancies in the class concerned.
    5. At the time of admission students are expected to submit the following:

      i) Submission of date of birth certificate.

      ii) Transfer Certificate from the previously attended school, duly countersigned by the appropriate authority. No student’s admission can be confirmed without a Transfer certificate from the school last attended.

      iii) Proof of passing the lower class along with the mark sheet/report card.

      iv) Fees should be paid in full by a new student at the time of admission.      

Fee Range

Fee range is from Rs. 50000 to Rs. 125000

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