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Crpf Barkas Chandrayangutta Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh
Chandrayan GuttaCrpf Barkas Chandrayangutta Hyderabad Andhra PradeshHyderabadIndia

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Basic Information of Kendriya Vidyalaya Chandrayangutta

School Description

Kendriya Vidyalaya Chandrayangutta is located in Chandrayan Gutta, Hyderabad. It was established in 1978. This school follows the CBSE board. The school has English medium.



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Admission details for Kendriya Vidyalaya Chandrayangutta


Admission available throughout the year


    Admissions process is going to start from Februray to April.,1. PUBLICITY\nAn advertisement shall be issued by the Regional Office in the local newspapers in the 1st week of February giving the admission schedule (Annexure follows) and inviting Parents to register their wards for admission in Kendriya Vidyalayas. This advertisement should specifically indicate that admissions in Kendriya Vidyalayas are not restricted to Central Govt. employees and are open to all, only certain priorities have been laid down for different categories to regulate the admissions. The reservations for SC, ST and Physically Handicapped and under RTE Act 2009 should also be indicated.\n2. REGISTRATION\n(i) Registration shall not be done if there is no vacancy or likelihood of any vacancy in a particular class. In case a vacancy arises in future, registration can be made after giving wide publicity at local level and admission can be granted as per KVS Admission Guidelines.\n(ii) In case the number of children seeking registration is less because of which all seats have not been filled up, the Principal shall issue a second/third advertisement in the months of May and June notifying the availability of vacancies.\n(iii) Admissions are required to be made with the approval of the Executive Committee of the Vidyalaya. In case the Executive Committee does not approve the admissions up to the full sanctioned strength of the class, the Principal shall intimate this fact to the Deputy Commissioner who may approve the admissions.\n(iv) Registration for class XI shall be taken up immediately after the \ndeclaration of results of class X and admissions up to the full strength of the class should be completed within 30 days after declaration of results by CBSE. In case there is any difficulty in admitting children up to the full strength because of the Executive Committee of the Vidyalaya not approving the same, the procedure as laid down for other classes above shall be followed and admissions up to the sanctioned strength of the class shall be made by 31st of July with the approval of the Deputy Commissioner. \n(v) Registration forms shall be made available by the Principal FREE OF COST. \n(vi) Registration forms complete in all respects and accompanied by all required documents must be submitted to the Vidyalaya office within the prescribed date.\n(vii) Attested copies of the prescribed documents would be required to be submitted along with the application form for registration.


    1.Birth Certificate.\n2.Photocopy Of Proof Of Residence.\n3.Self Declaration Of Parent Regarding Distance Of Residence From KV CRPF Hyderabad.\n4.Caste Certificate(If Applicable).\n5.TC Issued By Recognized School.\n6.Xerox Copy Of Proof Of Residence.\n7.Bonafied/conduct Certificate From The School Last Studied.

Fee Range

Fee range is from Rs. 50000 to Rs. 125000

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