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Near Signal Regiment Southern Comman Southern Command Pune Maharashtra
CampNear Signal Regiment Southern Comman Southern Command Pune MaharashtraPuneIndia

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The Army Public School, Pune was established in June 1988 at Dighi, Pune to give high standard Public School type of education at a reasonable cost, to the children of defence personnel.
On 01 April 1997, it was shifted from Dighi to its present location at Southern Command, opposite the race course in a lush green surroundings with ample open space where students can interact with nature. The School has two wings -Junior wing and Senior Wing.The school is controlled by the Army Welfare Education Society(AWES). It follows the CBSE Board of Education in India.



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Admission details for Army Public School Camp


    AdmissionFollowing category of children will be admitted based on Transfer Certificate (TC) from previous school.a.Children who are coming on Pass/promoted TC from another APS/Army School can be admitted throughout the yearb. Children who have studied for 10 academic months in another APS/Army School, KV and are seeking admission after 31 Jul.c. An evaluation test may be taken in respect of these children to facilitate further academic coaching and allocation of sections. However such an evaluation test will not be treated as admission test and child entitled lateral admission will be allowed to attend classes within 48 hours of reporting to the school.d. No Admission test will be conducted for the students who are coming from Army Schools/Army Public Schools.Tests will be considered for the students coming to class X or XII irrespective of the school.Admission Testa. All other categories of children including Army children not covered under lateral admission category may be admitted after an admission test. The Principal will arrange admission tests in the subjects as specified in Article 202 and decide whether the student can be admitted and if so, to which class. On this point, his/her decision shall be final. The standard of the admission test will be of the level of the annual examination of the class preceding to which admission is sought.However, in no case any child of a serving Army personnel or widow will be denied admission. The child will be accepted in a suitable class at the discretion of the Principal.b. Army children who are to be admitted based on the admission test as stated in Article 199 (a) will be allowed to attend the class based on their Transfer Certificate from the previous school. However their classes for admission would be decided by the Principal within 10 days of their reporting to the school.c. Admission Tests will be held on the first working day of every week and results will be announced within 48 hours.A retest, where considered necessary, may be given after seven days of the first admission test.TC from Other Schools.The District Education Officer of the District in which the school is located shall endorse TC in respect of candidates coming from schools other than APS/Army Schools/KVs. The endorsement should clearly indicate whether it is a recognized school.Admission to Class XI.The minimum percentages for different streams for admission to class XI are given below.Meeting the eligibility criteria on account of minimum percentages does not, however, guarantee admission.Admission will depend on relative merit and availability of seats. No special weightage will be given for any stream to any student.a) Percentage for schools offering all three streams: -Stream Minimum Cut off Percentage MarksScience Math's Science& Math's English Overall AggregateScience with orwithout Math's 55 55 60 40 55Commerce withor without Math's -- 55 60 40 55Humanities -- -- -- No RestrictionsNOTESFor children who come under Priority under Article 193 (e) to (g), cut off percentages given above for all streams and subjects will be increased by 10% for admission.Restriction in Class StrengthClass with Computer as Elective subject will have a Maximum Strength of 30 students.Strength of students in classes for all other subjects will not exceed 40 students.Subjects for Admission Test.The admission test will be held in the following subjects:Level/Class SubjectsClasses I to V English, Hindi and Math's.Classes VI to IX English, Hindi, Mathematics and General Science.Class X English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Science and Science. (All subjects)Class XI & XII English, Hindi, Compulsory Subjects and Elective Subjects.(All subjects)Concession shall be given in admission tests for deficiency in languages (English, Hindi and Sanskrit). This shall not be so liberal that the deficiency may not be made good by combined efforts of the school and parents in one session.Note The assurance of removing language deficiency within a year shall be given in writing by the parents or guardians of the pupils, if admitted.Admission without Transfer Certificate.Direct admission i.e. admission without a transfer certificate shall be made only up to class VI. If a pupil, who has not previously attended any recognized school, applies for admission to anyone of the Classes II to VI, his parent or guardian shall be required to give full history of his previous education and submit an affidavit to the effect that his ward has not attended any recognized school till then. He/she shall also be required to submit an affidavit regarding the exact date of birth of his ward. If a seat is available in the class to which admission is sought, the head of the school shall arrange a special test to determine the suitability of the pupil for admission to the class. Admission shall be granted if the pupil passes in the special test. If the parent or guardian's statement under this clause is found to contain any willful misrepresentation of date of birth or other facts regarding the pupil's educational career, the head of the school shall cancel the admission and report the matter to the Education authorities of the district for circulation of the information to other schools. The name of the pupil will be struck off the roll of the school.A pupil coming from a recognized school or a Kendriya Vidyalaya or Army School, shall not be admitted to a class higher than the one in which he/she was studying at his former school except in the case of those who have successfully passed the annual examination and have been promoted to a higher class.A pupil who fails once at the annual examination (Classes I-X) may be admitted to the same class in the nextsession of the same or of any other Army School. A pupil who fails twice at the annual examination shallnot be admitted even in special cases.A pupil who fails in the Board's final examination shall be admitted ordinarily as a casual student and the fee charged at the same rate as from a regular student. However, in exceptional circumstances Chairman School Management Committee may approve admission as regular student.AGEAge Limit. Though the requirement of the Central Board of Secondary Education that the All India secondary Examination shall be open to pupils who have interalia attained the age of 15 years on 30th September of the year in which they take the examination has been abolished with effect from the examination of 1983, the age of admission to various classes in Army Schools, however, shall be regulated as indicated below:For Admission to class. The student should complete the under-mentioned years of age on 01 April of the year in which admission is sought.I - 5 Years II - 6 Years III - 7 Years IV - 8 Years V - 9 YearsVI - 10 Years VII - 11 Years VIII - 12 Years IX - 13 Years X - 14 YearsXI - 15 Years XII - 16 YearsProof of Age.(a) In case of Defense Personnel, extract of their record of Service, duly attested by their Commanding Officers, will be accepted as a conclusive proof for age of their children.(b) Birth certificate issued by Military/Civil Hospitals as well as by Municipalities, Village Panchayats will also be accepted.Change in Date of Birth Once recorded in the school scholar register, change in the date of birth will not normally be accepted, except where overwhelming documentary evidence exists and where a genuine mistake has been committed.The following documents should be submitted along with the Admission Form:-1. Original Transfer Certificate (duly countersigned by the Education Officer)2. Report Card ( Xerox attested copy)3. Birth Certificate (for standard I)4. Salary Certificate (for Defense-Civilians)5. Retired Personnel's (Xerox of Discharge Book/Ex-Servicemen Identity Card)6. Transfer Order/Serving Certificate of the parent)The aforementioned policies can be amended by the local management from time to time depending on the availibilty of seatsAdmission RuleGENERAL ADMISSION RULESGeneral :a. Admission in the School is granted through out the year.b. Admission forms will be issued @ Rs 10/- per form.c. Children of serving Army personnel coming on transfer from out station are admitted anytime during the year and theyare not denied admission, subject, however to the stipulation laid down by the CBSE in Classes IX-XII.d. Admission of civilian children to Army Schools is not at the cost of service children, the latter are never refusedadmission.Priorities of Admission a. Children of serving Army personnel (including DSC), children of Army Widows and children of those TA personnel whohave a minimum of 10 years embodied service.b. Children of Army Ex-servicemen, DSC pers Retd with Pension from DSC.c. Children of serving Air Force and Naval personnel.d. Children of retired Air Force and Naval personnel.e. Children of civilians paid out of Defence Estimates, Para Military Forces including Coast Guard, MES, GREFTA (when not embodied).f. Grand children of serving/retired Army personnel.g. Other children.If there is an acute shortage of classrooms and there is difficulty in adjusting all children of serving personnel, SMC may further prioritise children ata. Army School,APS Transfer cases and private recognized schools.b. KV Transfer Cases.c. Transfer cases from local schools.


    1. Transfer Certificate.2. Birth Certificate.

Fee Range

Fee range is from Rs. 10000 to Rs. 50000

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