Convent Schools in Hyderabad

Convent Schools in Hyderabad

Find the list of top convent schools in Hyderabad with 360° School tours, 2017-18 Admission forms & Fees, contact addresses, phone numbers, Photos, Facilities & more.

Sancta Maria International School - cover

Sancta Maria International School

The name Sancta Maria is a Latin title for Mary the mother of God. It means Holy Mary or simply St. Mary. Sancta Maria is the foundation to a confident future. The red box represents the world. The three strokes represent the road to knowledge, progress and excellence. The colour red stands for energy, enthusiasm and passion. Sancta Maria is driven by the motto In Omnia Excellentia, which means, Excellence in Everything.

St Ann's High School Secunderabad - cover

St Ann's High School Secunderabad

Saint Ann's High School is a girls school located at East Marredpally, Secunderabad, India. It was opened on April 1, 1871. Saint Ann's Convent was founded by Mother Enrichetta, an Italian missionary, in the 18th century.\nThe school is named after Saint Anne, known by tradition as the mother of The Virgin Mary. The school's motto is Sicutapis Operosa which translates from Latin to English as Busy As Bees. The students from first to tenth grade are divided into four houses: Daffodils, Pansies, Roses, and Shamrocks and follow two syllabi: ICSE (white belts) and SSC (red belts). The students in eleventh and twelfth grade are divided into the houses Violets and Orchids and follow the ISC syllabus.

St Mary's High School Kukatpally - cover

St Mary's High School Kukatpally

St. Mary's High School is a Co education English Medium school established in 1995. It is a full pledged High School with classes L.K.G to X and recognized by the Govt of AP. St.Mary's is a place for the real happiness and comfort where knowledge is imparted to make a mark of the Child's personality in the social, educational national and international fields. Our work is a creative endeavour and not the monotonous exercise of repetitive process in an uncongenial atmosphere. We strongly believe that today's existing corporate system is really over burdening the student and not giving enough chances to exhibit their talents. We really work in the direction not to burden the student with emotional pressures, corporal punishments, exhaustive physical strain and other sort of negative resorts but still produce very good results. We strongly believe in an education which is person oriented, social, professional and result oriented.

St Alphonsa's High School - cover

St Alphonsa's High School

t.Alphonsa's Educational Society was founded in the year 1979, by a group of dedicated educators of Christian community and a few like-minded persons. Dr.Emmanuel eminent educationist being the chief founder, Mrs.Selvarani Ponnaiah was its first Chairman immediately succeeded by Sr. Diwaker Francis. The original society got divided into two and St.Alphonsa's Educational Development Society was formed. It is distinguished as a Christian Minority Society from the earlier Society.\n\nThe Society is an autonomous body and the School is Minority Christian Educational Intuition. Though, it is primarily for Christians, students irrespective of caste and creed are also admitted.\n\nIn administrative matters, the governing body's decision is final and binding. Though the School is recognized by the Government of Andhra Pradesh it is not receiving any financial aid either from the Government or any other source. Hence it is completely dependent on fees from students.

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